Digital Artist with an insatiable appetite to learn... and eat fish tacos.


Fu was born on a beach underneath a palm tree...during a hurricane and struck by many coconuts.

Ever since the accident he's devoted himself to art. Day and night he grinds with a ravenous urge to learn. He hopes to one day start his own game development studio and take revenge on the coconuts who wronged him. In his spare time he likes to work. OK and maybe play some video games.

If you're in the market for an artist with skills in illustration, concept art, animation, graphic design or you just want to chat feel free to shoot me-uh I mean him an email at

Personal Info

  •  Height - 1'3"
  •  Weight - 1800 lbs.
  •  Blood Type - Coca Cola┬«
  •  Rarity - Stupid Common